By Sun, By Sea is a short poem by C S Hughes about memory, sadness, surf and old shoes. It is a wistful, whimsical piece that expresses a little of what the Japanese call mono no aware (物の哀れ), a sense of the regret of time passing, but also acceptance of the ephemeral, the transient nature of things, of life, of experience.

The book has been created in Apple’s iBooks digital format, richly illustrated with the author’s own artwork and photography of coastal scenes and details. It opens with a few moments of sound and video that take the reader to a distant beach, distant in time and memory. It also features a gallery of images, photography from the coastal regions of Ventnor, Phillip Island, and Inverloch, on the Bass Coast of South Eastern Victoria, Australia.

To celebrate the release of C S Hughes’s latest piece, Four Score – a poem you can play, we are giving away 20 copies of By Sun, By Sea to our regular Nerdalicious readers. Send an email or leave a comment and we will send you a message with a free iBooks download code for By Sun, By Sea. If you haven’t used it before we’ll include instructions on how to enter the code to redeem the book.

You will need a Mac or iPad with Apple’s iBooks installed to read the book.



12 Responses

  1. B Blaylock

    We’re not big on poetry, but would love to see the gallery of photography, so please send a code.

  2. Underdogge

    So there is a serious side to CS too? Many of his musings on this site seem to be written very tongue in cheek. Alas I don’t have Mac or ipad and would rather the book went to someone who can read it. I had not realised that CS was a poet.

    • Underdogge

      Now you mention it, CS, there have been some comedians who were susceptible to depression (not saying that applies to you by the way). Robin Williams springs to mind and the late British comedian Spike Milligan (one of the Goons – they may have been before your time though) periodically had treatment for some sort of depressive (I think) disorder.

  3. Mel

    mono no aware….on a miserable Melbourne day like today, a little sun by sea would be welcome.


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