Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana will be issuing fines to those who don’t pull up their pants. Violators will be fined $40 for a first offence, $100 for a second offence and face a further fine and 16 hours’ community service if they are caught a third time.

Citizens of the United States have been battling this epidemic for years. New York State Senator  Eric Adama launched a billboard campaign in 2010 to get men to “raise your pants and raise your image”, Florida city banned it in 2012, and the state of Georgia has a number of clothing laws. In 2008 Barack Obama took time out to speak against the saggy pants crisis

Brothers should pull up their pants. You are walking by your mother, your grandmother, your underwear is showing. What’s wrong with that? Come on. Some people might not want to see your underwear. I’m one of them.”

Saggy pants. More offensive than drone strikes. Do America a favour and pull up your pants.

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