The Battle of Towton

The Battle of Towton

Plans to establish a permanent Traveller pitch near Towton Battlefield have been deferred after concerned residents and history enthusiasts left 200 objections on the Selby District Council website. The Towton Battlefield Society noted that emails, letters , phone calls and meeting attendances contributed to the decision. The Towton Battlefield Society also stated that “the Travelling community are still been let down in the Selby area, our victory will be a little hollow unless we complete the job and ensure plans are in place to remedy the short fall of suitable sites.”

Meanwhile the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society, after a public meeting on Monday evening, agreed the community would put in a bid for Gastons Field. Gastons Field, part of the Tewkesbury Battlefield, has been put up for sale by the owners in a sealed bids auction. Steve Goodchild from Tewkesbury Battlefield Society told BBC news that “we’ve got to find a body which is prepared to own the field which will meet our requirements as a charity, and something that will protect the field – not just for the next 20 years, but for the next 500 years.” Mr Goodchild said money could be raised through grants and bridging loans.

*Correction: 14/01/14 Plans to establish a permanent Traveller pitch near Towton Battlefield have been rejected to deferred.

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