Richard III Book Giveaway! Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable of England

Richard-Duke-Gloucester-as- Lord-Protector-Annette-Carson
Annette Carson’s new book, Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable of England, gives a fresh insight into Richard Duke of Gloucester’s career before his ascension. Divided into two books, part one assesses the 15th century office of Defender and Protector of the Realm, discussing Richard predecessors, Humphrey Duke of Gloucester and Richard’s father, the Duke of York; the High Constable of England and his court, the Constable’s court under Edward IV, and a summary of the development of treasonable offences and attainders. Part two examines Richard’s office of High Constable of England, and the brief period in 1483 when he was appointed Protector during King Edward V’s minority, with a thorough examination of Richard’s role as Protector of the Realm.

To celebrate the release of Annette’s new book we are giving you the chance to win a personally signed copy of Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable of England. To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what the weather is like in your part of the world.

Winners will be chosen at 6pm on Friday 10th July. (AEST). Winners have five days to claim their prize.

Richard-Duke-Gloucester-as- Lord-Protector-Annette-Carson

Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable of England
by Annette Carson, published by Imprimis Imprimatur, May 2015

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£10.00 including shipping within the UK
£15.00 including shipping ROW

Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III) was appointed to a number of the highest offices of the realm by his brother King Edward IV, of which one of primary importance was Lord High Constable of England. He retained this office in 1483 while concurrently designated Protector and Defender of the Realm during the minority of Edward V. For a crucial few weeks Gloucester combined in his person two offices whose significance has been consistently misunderstood and overlooked. In effect he held overarching responsibility for defence of England against enemies from outside and rebels within, while exercising summary jurisdiction over the crime of treason. Presented in two parts, the book begins with the origins and development of the separate offices of Protector and Constable, considering their principal 15th-century incumbents and their place in the constitutional framework. It summarizes the laws governing the crime of treason, and indicates how successive monarchs, notably Edward IV, placed increasing reliance on the High Constable and his Court to deliver judgement and sentence in such cases. In the second part, this study addresses the misapprehensions (at the time and in subsequent centuries) about Gloucester’s responsibilities and powers, and examines the principal events during his protectorate in the context of both offices, viewed from the perspective of 15th-century precedent rather than 16th-century hindsight.

Annette-CarsonHaving originally studied at the Royal College of Music, Annette Carson’s career included working as a TV Organiser for British Equity, Programme Manager for Thames TV, and in PR and advertising as an award-winning copywriter. A freelance author with a preference for history and biography, she has sold over 46,000 non-fiction books on subjects including aviation and music, writes articles and has contributed to Encyclopædia Britannica. Her history of aerobatics was awarded the Tissandier Diploma of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. With a lifelong interest in Richard III, in 2008 she published Richard III: The Maligned King which led Philippa Langley to invite her to join the ‘Looking for Richard’ project as a historical consultant. In 2013 she published a short paperback (and eBook), Richard III: A Small Guide to the Great Debate, aimed at explaining the controversy to the general reader. In 2014 she edited the ‘Looking for Richard” Project’s Finding Richard III: The Official Account.

You can purchase Annette’s books directly at

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About The Author

Olga Hughes is currently pre-occupied with fairy tales, fantasy, misanthropy, medieval history and the long eighteenth century. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Victorian College of the Arts and is currently majoring in Literature and History at Deakin. She has contributed to websites such as History behind Game of Thrones, The Anne Boleyn Files and The Tudor Society.

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  1. Jacki Milbank

    Perfect blue skies, 25 degrees with a cooling breeze and me and my poor dog (who is black) are TOO DAMN HOT! I make no excuses – I’m an autumn lover – I never complain about the cold

    • Carrie Reitter

      It’s looking a bit overcast now but it’s not too bad! At least it’s warmish.

  2. Libby Millard

    Absolutely glorious sunny and blue skies since 6am about 28oC Its been wonderful for getting washing dry, had a lot as son got married at the weekend and we had 5 people staying, so lots of additional towels and bedding along with our own belongings. Wonderful but too hot to be outside for very long

  3. Tracy Alford

    Low 80’s with a chance od sever weather this afternoon. Tuesday, June 30th, 2015. Pretty weather for morning travel or sitting in the yard. Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Peggy Cowan

    It is hot and dry here today. Usual for Colorado!

  5. Bruce Southworth

    77F (25C) and hazy today (and tomorrow). It’s been hot and humid with frequent thunderstorms over the last week. Perfect weather for staying in the ac reading and keeping the dog – who does not like storms – company.

  6. Juelle Cadette

    It is incredible hot, and the infrequent wind brings with it the smell of ripened guavas and mangoes. The skies are a light blue with hardly clouds and no chance of rain and I suspect the waters of the sea are cool and inviting, a perfect contrast to striking sun at your back.

  7. Theresa Rousseu

    The weather in Southwest BC, Canada is warm, sunny, and 21 degrees, feeling like 25 degrees.

  8. Emily Biddle

    Here in the Western Suburbs of Sydney it is cold, damp and the fog isn’t lifting till mid afternoon – perfect reading weather!

  9. Kay

    This is my kind of weather. If only the hot weather lasted all year round. I’m in sunny greater manchester, uk and it’s 29 degrees and I’m loving it

  10. Ioanna Thoma

    Cloudy with a little drizzle, about 24oC. Not a typical summer day, but it has its own melancholic charm.

  11. Myrna Smith

    Hot! Hot, hot, hot! But expecting rain any minute now, on the Texas Gulf Coast.

  12. Gabrielle

    Mid 90’s F – much cooler than last week 🙂 Almost no humidity. Love the desert, New Mexico, USA

  13. Amber

    Balmy 87 here in Texas, with 78% humidity. From my balcony, I can see pale blue skies, populated with cumulus clouds. The only sound louder than the A/C unit are the cicadas (which always makes it feel hotter).

  14. Jordan Moore

    It is hot as Hades here in Memphis! It has been around 102 the last few days. I am already ready for Autumn!

  15. Pip

    Just read the book by Philippa Langley on Richard lll search for Kings grave. Here in Kent it 33.

  16. Underdogge

    Seems that summer has come belatedly to the UK midlands. I need to cut the lawn but have quite bad hay fever even with the tablets. When she has the whole garden to lie in why does the cat sprawl out where the next door dogs (who are huskies) can see her if they poke their snouts under the fence (it’s a big fence – one of those woven ones – woven with wide strips of wood)?

  17. Heather Rennie

    Today we have a welcomed gray sky that’s blocking the hot sun. Such a relief from the sweltering heat of late!

  18. Drisina McGuire

    Like a frying pan sizzling in the pits of hell.

  19. Erika

    It is grey, cloudy and looks like it is going to rain any minute .

  20. Андрій Галушка

    It is really hot here in London

  21. Paula Miller

    It’s 85 degrees F and it’s only 9:30 a.m. in Canyon Country, CA……we are not pleased.

  22. Tish

    Blue skies, hot and humid here in Houston today! Rain expected this afternoon…again.

  23. Michelle

    i live in Whitby, ON Canada, it’s June 30th and its raining yet again. I kinda feel like I’m in London. Thanks for having this giveaway, I would like to know more about Richard III.

  24. Pat

    Our weather has been alittle mixed, on and off rain with glowing sun shine in between with a temperature around 78. Weather pattern typical for western Pennsylvania very much the same as your part of the world.

  25. Tara

    20 degrees Celsius and cloudy in delightful Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

  26. Jennifer

    Cool and windy with gusts of rain and glimpses of blue sky. Perfect weather for more Richard III research!

  27. Amy

    Partly cloudy and 21* here in Hudson, Wisconsin

  28. Adrianne Galletta

    On the central New Jersey shore USA. We have sunny blue skies ,the water temperature is in the 70’s. Waiting for the 4th of July celebrations.!!!

  29. Sarah Jackson

    It’s 85 degrees here and sunny, but slightly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain.

  30. Rose Brown

    98 F in Kansas. To hot for man or beast!

  31. Sid Plemons

    Currently in Knoxville, it is 79 degrees and overcast. We had 3- 4 intense thunderstorms roll thru the night, but now it is just overcast.

  32. Dale

    This book sounds fascinating. Love to read it today as its rainy and cool here!

  33. Cassie Milliken

    The weather here in Ohio has been nothing but Rain!! Hopefully the Sun will come out and We will be able to enjoy a beautiful Summer 🙂

  34. Cassie Milliken

    It’s been nothing but Rain here in Ohio. Hopefully We will have a nice Sunny Summer soon! 🙂

  35. Leona Bushman

    It’s super hot and dry…record breaking on one day. And seems as if half my state is on fire! I’d so love to read this. From my research, seems I’m related 🙂 Don’t think direct descendant (yet anyway lol). Thank you for the giveaway!

  36. Diane Verville

    Bonjour from Montreal (Quebec, Canada)! It’s nice and sunny, about 25 to 27 oC today. But rain is expected tonight and tomorrow (Canada Day).

  37. Jason Navarette

    Very wet and stormy – unusual for this part of Texas (at pretty much any time of the year).

  38. Lyssia

    It’s hot hot hot here in Maywood Park, Oregon, USA. 90+ each day this week and last week!

  39. Nicole swift

    108 today and 109 tomorrow. So reading in tHE A/c

  40. Verna

    It’s a sunny warm and slightly breezy day in San Francisco.

  41. Jeanne Rife

    It’s dodgy today. That is, the sun keeps ducking behind clouds then coming out again. This particular minute, the sky is a beautiful light blue with fluffy clouds and the sun is streaming into my family room. But off to the west, the sky is a little grayer. We have had a very wet June. Don’t know that we need more rain, but if we do get it today, we could set a record!

  42. Deborah

    I’m in Southern California and as usual for this time of year, no rain to speak of but plenty of heat and it is a bit muggy. Wherever you are, if there is rain, please send us some!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! Can never learn too much about the ever-fascinating Richard III and his times.

  43. Anna

    It is 86 degrees and humid here in Maryland, with thunderstorms looming…

  44. Lucy

    It’s really hot here, about 26 Celsius. Bright and sunny, though chances are it might rain later 😉

  45. Jimmy Allen

    It is 85 degrees and cloudy. Looks like rain here in Asheville North Carolina.

  46. Angela

    It’s 80 degrees and sunny here in East Tennessee. The mosquitoes, however, I tearing me up!

  47. Denise Webb

    Beautiful summer evening, clear with a light breeze in Wymondham, Norfolk, UK.

  48. Deborah Phipps

    Here in Weaverville, we’re hovering around 110 degrees all week…just down in Redding, however, they’re hitting temps up to 120 degrees (yes, really)!

  49. Eliza

    In Serres, Greece we had rain today, but later in the evening the sun appeared again!

  50. Robin May

    Partly cloudy with low humidity; a comfortable 75 degrees in Troy, Michigan!

  51. Michelle Bamford

    Hot in Wigan UK, too hot to have spent the evening watching my daughter in her swimming lesson, I wished I had been the one in the pool! 🙂

  52. Helen Collison

    Hot, humid, sticky with gorgeous blue skies. ☺

  53. Katerina Nguyen

    The sun has finally breaks through the thick layer of clouds. Hopefully today will be a nice warm day.

  54. Evelyn Hooper

    In Texas, the weather changes by the hour – we have had sunshine and then rain in the last 15 minutes and rain again, but we need it to cool off this summer heat.

  55. Sharon

    It has been raining since Friday. My garden is drowning.

  56. LaToyia Hanson

    Storming! Rain pouring, lightning and thunder as well!

  57. Dawn

    Just had a sun shower move through Philadelphia, PA. Since the temperature is 87F, the humidity is going up quickly! Gotta love summertime !!!! 😉

  58. Rebecca

    We have a tiny bit of June gloom going on right now. The sun keeps popping in and out. Fortunately it’s been out more than in.

  59. Claire

    Here in Sacramento, California 102 (F) and climbing!

  60. Tabitha

    The weather keeps fluctuating. It’s hot today, but just recently it was so cold we had to turn off the A/C. This seems to tie to when we’re getting thunderstorms or rain showers.

  61. Ashley

    Cloudy and rainy with severe thunder storm warnings. Warm and humid

  62. Emma Collins

    It’s been humid and muggy here in Galway, Ireland, as if you were hiding under your duvet, but no rain! Always a positive.

  63. Sandra

    Blue Skies, cool breeze, and the smell of bonfires this evening in Oak Creek,Wisconsin in the United States.

  64. Su Underwood

    Our newspapers are promising us the hottest day for 9 years tomorrow here in London. But we’re British so most of us may take our umbrellas with us. Just in case…

  65. ray


  66. Katerina Nguyen

    The sun has finally c oming up and the cold is going away.

  67. Leanne

    Finishing up a breezy and pleasant day here in the mid-Hudson Valley! Just beginning to look like rain…

  68. Diane Brozosky

    Its cloudy and cooler in the 70’s in Allentown , pa; the strong storms went to the north of the city .

  69. LauraS

    I would love to have this book. Currently at my house in San Jose, California it is 100/37 degrees and VERY sunny.

  70. Marsha

    The weather in Georgia is hot, humid, and sunny with a temp today of 90. We had a thunderstorm this afternoon. It was a bit cooler than the weather we have been having.

  71. Jeni Wilkins

    The most amazing and ominous Thunderstorms giving way to an incredible clearing at sunset, with hues of pink, lavender,yellow and orange. A rare cool summer evening in Cincinnati, Ohio! 68° Fahrenheit!

  72. Athena

    It’s freezing here in Geelong only 13 today!! Got the socks and slippers on!

  73. Antonia

    Here in Australia on the Central Coast it’s 13C where I am, and a little drizzly, but still nice to just sit and watch the waves at our beach.

  74. Desiree Strickland

    It has been around 85-90° F so very hot and humid!!

  75. Amy

    Hot and humid with temps getting as high as 95 here in Columbus, Ga

  76. Mary

    It’s hot and humid here in South Louisiana. Had a thunder shower earlier this evening.

  77. Roslyn Brown

    Tis a late night with storm clouds threatening, for the stars and moon are not visible outside. Yet the rain does not fall here in this northwestern part of New Jersey. It is a warm night as well, perhaps in the 70’s, I think, though I have not the knowledge of those who predict such things, so I trust my word is enough.

  78. Vicky

    Surprisingly mild for a New Zealand winter’s day. The wind has dropped and the cloud cover has mostly gone, so it’s turned out okay compared to the rain and strong wind the last two days.

  79. Lyneve Cannon

    Gloomy with the threat of rain but alas there is none – a very dry winter in Perth Western Australia but balmy temperatures. 20 degrees today.

  80. Nancy

    Here in Dallas Texas it was 99 degrees Fahrenheit; with the humidity it feels like 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Typical summer.

  81. Lori

    In Phoenix, it’s only a mild 110 degrees here in our neck of the woods — more like desert — today!! A bit cooler from the last few days!!! But the evenings bring some nice wind, lots of lightning and a bit of thunder. Just enough to tease us, get our hopes up, and then it scampers away! If only those blasted raindrops would make their way down, it would be heavenly! At least it’s a dry heat!

  82. Desiann Dalton

    flamin’ Cold June in Adelaide!! 14C & no rain, driest June since 2006. 🙁

  83. Jenna Rodriguez

    Rhineland Pflaz, DE… Warm! Perfect for a chilled glass of Riesling in Germany’s wine country 🙂 cheers!

  84. Helena-Ann Parker

    Scorchio…… Hinckley, Leicestershire.

  85. Tamara J

    A beautiful sunny morning here in West Midlands! Will be around 30°C later in a day. Hurrey!!!

  86. Jo Arkinstall

    85 degrees here in very sunny Warwickshire. Unfortunately, too hot for me since becoming disabled. I’m a Spring and Autumn kinda girl.

  87. Rachel

    Although the first day of winter, it’s a lovely 14C at 8:05pm in Busselton, Western Australia

  88. Danielle

    It’s winter where I’m living, Port Hedland in North Western Australia – 30 degrees c today, blue sky and light winds. It’s the best time of year!

  89. Anne

    A chilly, windy night of 6c after a cool, sunny day on the south coast of NSW Australia.

  90. Bruce

    Fourth day of rain with temps in the 16 degree range here in New York State, USA.
    But things are looking up, as the Independence Day holiday weekend (sorry, Brits!) is meant to be clear with temps above 25 degrees.
    Can’t wait to read your book on R III !

  91. Marymena de Angelis

    Hot and sunny!!! A perfect day to go to the seaside… Wonderful Neapolitan sea at Marechiaro…

  92. Sue Mintram

    Hot, very hot, 95 in the shade in England.

  93. Ranee McBride

    I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and right now it is hot and humid but we have also had flooding due to high amounts of rain. In Oklahoma you never know what the weather will be like from one day to the next. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you about the earthquakes we get with our weather also.

  94. Bethany

    Low 70’s here in Connecticut with the rest of the day looking beautiful after the storms we had this morning.

  95. Jamie

    Scorching here! About 30 degrees, so humid and hot! Got sent home early from work because it was too intense to work, so every cloud eh?!

  96. celeste felice

    91° , hot and humid here in Riverview, Florida (US) the high was 94° today.typical weather for our 8-9 months of ‘summer’..

  97. lisa

    It is warm and humid in Austin, Texas. The recent rains has left blooming flowers and green trees. Would love to read this book in the lovely outdoors

  98. Esther

    Warm and humid in Ventura, California … mid to high 70s (F) but near the beach. Would love to read this book with the sound of waves crashing in the background.

  99. JFM1

    Here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, it’s a lovely summer day – 72 degrees and sunny with an expected high of 79. Beautiful! I look forward to reading more about Richard III !

  100. Valerie Citta

    Sunny, clear skies, and temp of 90 degrees. I’m here in the Sunshine State of Florida, USA. Feels like about 100 degrees. Can’t wait to read the book!!

  101. Matt Lewis

    Lovely cool breeze here at the moment. Due to heat up again tomorrow though.

  102. Caroline Kelly

    Cold where I am located in Australia.

  103. Tiki Lawson

    Enjoying the monsoon weather of southern Arizona with hot muggy days dissipated by afternoon thunderstorms.

  104. Susan MacDonald

    It’s warm, but not too warm here in Kingston, Ontario. It’s a bit overcast, with a nice gentle breeze.

  105. Bryony taha

    The weather in Kent is very hot and sunny with a light breeze ,lovely blue cloudless skies .

  106. adrienne harries

    Winter in Queensland Australia is ‘cold’ but i do declare its a perfect sunny day and temp is around 18 Celsius, i think its cold, but by world standards probably not…..

  107. Tabatha Voss

    Too jolly cold to have to be walking outside at 4:40 in the morning! even wearing snow gloves,my hands are frozen

  108. Scott Crumlin

    Northern TASMANIA is rainy today. After days of Sunshine the rain has come. It IS winter!

  109. Joseph

    The weather here in Sydney NSW Australia is so Bloody Cold at the moment as we are in the Middle of Winter…I am Freezing my back side off…anyways can someone Please get me a Blanket…a Heater…a Good Book to Read…and Nice Yummy Cuppa…Cheers!

  110. juan carlos

    Mallorca, very hot, sunny and blue skies

  111. Phillip Topping

    A cool Aussie winter night but still 10 degrees Celcius

  112. Banditqueen

    Sunny now but have had rain in Liverpool. Loved Annette Carson other book, can’t wait for this one.

  113. Mick G

    We’re in the middle of a typical South Australian winter. Freezing cold, wet and when not raining blanketed with fog and frost

  114. Cynthia Mardis

    It’s hot as hell here in Picayune, Mississippi!

  115. Susan Banyard

    Rain rain and rain, with a chance of a storm later and going down to 1-2 degrees over night

  116. Michael

    Cold and wet but it never rains here, so i’m told

  117. Simon Thomas

    It’s cold here in little ol Adelaide, South Australia

  118. Trudi Parker

    Here in sunny Qld Australia it is a glorious day!

  119. Paulina Batty

    Very cold, I had to wear gloves while driving the car yesterday morning

  120. Elisabeth

    Newcastle, NSW, Australia. At the moment it is 11:51pm and it’s about 14 degrees at the moment. It is winter here 🙂

  121. Kate Dvornik

    An overcast cool top of 12 degrees celsius in Melbourne, Australia! Just finished reading about the War of the Roses, this book would be a lovely addition!

  122. Donna Dwyer

    Overcast and slightly raining – Brisbane, Australia!!

  123. Lucy Leland

    It’s freezing here! Well, by Australian standards. About 15 degrees celcius with clear skies.

  124. Tina S

    Today in Melbourne, Australia it is cold, damp and grey.

  125. Karen O

    Raining here in Perth WA but its all good 😀

  126. Olga Hughes

    Thanks to everyone for your entries and congratulations to Eliza!