Philippa Langley has called for the remains of King Richard III to be taken to a sanctified place of rest.

In an interview that aired on February 5th, Philippa told the BBC “My agreement in place locally says that following identification, as the named custodian of the remains, I would be able to take Richard to a place of sanctity and rest to await reburial. That’s what it says, it’s pretty simple.”

Leicester City Council, as the landowner, granted Philippa Langley permission for the Greyfriars dig. The agreement stated that “any human remains which are positively identified as those of Richard III will, after specialist DNA, osteological and archaeological recording, be transferred to the custody of the Client.”

While the current Judicial Review has held up the re-interment ceremony, which was originally slated for Leicester’s St. Martin’s Cathedral, Philippa stated that taking his remains to her preferred place of rest “won’t affect anything, it won’t affect any of the outcomes, yet it will honour this man who fell in battle.”

“Everything was agreed before the dig got under way, before the tarmac was cut, and everybody was happy with the plans that were in place,” Philippa added “So I think all that we’re saying is, can we honour the agreement?”

The BBC video also included footage from 3rd February broadcast of Inside Out, where Richard Buckley responded to the Plantagenet Alliance’s claim that the University of Leicester should have consulted them, as descendants of Richard III’s family, on his final resting place.

“I feel quite unhappy that people think the university did something incorrectly, because we followed normal practise  on the exhumation of many, many burials,” he said. The Ministry of Exhumation Licence’s original deadline for Richard III’s remains to be re-interred was the 31st of August 2014. The Judicial Review, which has been postponed, is set for March 13th.

Watch the full interview here.

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