My life was ended on the block,
For which I’m reconciled,
Because if that weren’t bad enough,
I’m now being vilified.

Those Gregorys, Weirs and Mantels,
For what I know not why,
Are fabricating sources,
That I fed old Cromwell lies.

I’m now the hated wife;
A simpleton and fool.
Either that or I was bullied,
And my husband George was cruel.

When he died I stayed a widow;
And wore black for all my life.
What makes them think I hated him;
That I was not a good and honest wife?

I died a violent, shameful death,
And came to accept my fate.
But I struggle to be reconciled,
With this post death hate.

So before you’re quick to judge me,
And vilify my name,
Look past those fiction writer’s,
As I don’t deserve that shame.



About The Author

Eddie Boverington

Edward “Eddie” Boverington is a freelance moustachioculturalist and professional cobbler, a student of history, and in his spare time composes medieval inspired poems and lute ballads in the 16th century style. He grew up in Clapham in the 1950s, where he still lives above his family’s shoe repair shop. Some of his moustache designs have won awards in prestigious international competitions, such as Le Concourse de Bacchantes et Moustaches de Francais. He can also polish, recondition and resole even the finest boots overnite for only £25.

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