HBO has released two new clips in ‘Raven vision’ from Season 5. Watch below.

Game of Thrones Season 5: The Sight: Jon Snow and Mance (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 5: The Sight: Brienne and Podrick (HBO)

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Olga Hughes is currently pre-occupied with fairy tales, fantasy, misanthropy, medieval history and the long eighteenth century. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Victorian College of the Arts and is currently majoring in Literature and History at Deakin. She has contributed to websites such as History behind Game of Thrones, The Anne Boleyn Files and The Tudor Society.

3 Responses

  1. M.E. Lawrence

    Thanks, Olga. I love Brienne; she’s on my list (and I’ll bet many others’) of characters who MAY NOT be killed off, at least permanently, by Martin.

    O.T., but are there any C.J. Sansom fans on the board? I just started his latest Matthew Shardlake mystery, set in the last year of Henry VIII’s reign. He’s also written an alternate-history thriller about a post-WWii, Nazi-dominated Britain.

    • Olga Hughes

      I love Brienne too, and I love Gwedoline’s portrayal of her.

      I haven’t read Sansom yet, a lot of my friends love his Shardlake books.

  2. C S Hughes
    C S Hughes

    I’m a giant fan of Philip K Dick’s The Man In The High Castle – an alternate history where the Nazis and Imperial Japan have divided up the US between them after WWII. I will have to look at C J Sansom’s novel with Nazis in control of England.