George R.R. Martin discusses Petyr Baelish, Lysa and Sansa in A Piece in the Game. Iain Glen, Emilia Clarke and Michael Huisman discuss Daario and poor old Jorah in Clear in His Love (I like the new Daario so much more than that Fabio guy from last season). And in this week’s Inside the Episode, Dan and Dave discuss the relationship between Jorah’s jealousy of Daeny and Daario, Tyrion and Oberyn stealing the show, and of course the incident at the Vale.

Episode #7 – A Piece in the Game

Episode #7 – Clear in His Love

Inside the Episode #7

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  1. Jamie Adair

    What’s really interesting in that GRRM video is that he talks about Baekish as though he is two people: “Littlefinger” – who is not so nice and is perhaps the scheming murderous pimp – and Petyr – perhaps the once innocent little boy. Like there is a duality in Baelish that I’ve never thought about before.

    • Olga Hughes

      It is interesting isn’t it? I discussed him briefly in the episode review but I think I am going to have to revisit him fully at some point.
      I have a theory about his intentions being rather two-sided, I also think he has love/hate feelings for Cat