Tommen Baratheon in Breaker of Chains

Tommen Baratheon in Breaker of Chains

Spoiler warning! This contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 4 Breaker of Chains, book spoilers, murder suspects and a couple of dancing hippogryphs

Last time we saw Tommen he was a sweet little kid. Now he’s about the same age as Joffrey was when we first saw him, and the new King of Westeros.

This is one of many deviations from A Storm of Swords in this episode. Tommen in the books is a nine year-old boy. Jamie muses that “pressing his royal seal into the hot wax was his favorite part of being king, so far“. This is going to change the dynamic between Tommen and Cersei a great deal this season. I’m not sure that Tywin discussed much with Tommen at all in the books, but in an interesting scene Tywin lectures an attentive and thoughtful-looking Tommen on kingship. Tywin baldly states that Joffrey was “not a wise king, your brother was not a good king. If he had been, perhaps he’d still be alive”. Tywin and Tommen walk out of the sept together, leaving a grieving Cersei by her son’s corpse. It is clear Tywin (quite rightly) is trying to remove Tommen from Cersei’s influence as soon as possible.

“Ever think how easy life would be if the other one had been born first?…the weepy one, Tommen. Seems like he’d do whatever he was told, as a good king should.” Bron to Tyrion A Clash of Kings p711

There are plenty of characters in the books that muse that Tommen would make the better king. This really only widens the range of suspects. Still if we are looking at Olenna Tyrell as our main suspect, some of us fans were slightly concerned that Sansa was not given a hairnet to wear by Dontos, but a necklace.

“Ser Dontos had said the hair net was magic, that it would take her home. He told her she must wear it tonight at Joffrey’s wedding feast. The silver wire stretched tight across her knuckles. Her thumb rubbed back and forth against the hole where the stone had been.” Sansa A Storm of Swords p1083

The gem on the far right of the necklace is missing

The gem on the far right of the necklace is missing

It was fairly unintelligent writing having Sansa wear a liquid-soluble poison next to her skin. However as to keeping with the original story, it seems the hair-net was simply switched to the necklace Dontos gave her to wear. Upon close inspection there is a gem missing from the necklace. So it looks like we are heading in the same direction. It seems Sansa did not notice one of the gems was missing or make any connection with the poisoning, and Littlefinger disposed of the necklace before she could.

The twice-widowed Margaery Tyrell

The twice-widowed Margaery Tyrell

Dan and Dave have been rather creative with Margaery Tyrell’s character, and I have enjoyed it so far. But I have always thought Margaery was in on the murder, or knew to be careful at the wedding. So this shocked and almost grief-stricken Margaery is quite a change. Natalie Dormer told EW “Well, politically, it’s a disaster, to lose one husband is bad but to lose two husbands is careless! It’s really bad PR for Margaery. So regardless of what she thought of Joffrey as a human being, it’s not a good place for her to be in. So she’s like cursed or tainted goods … Margaery has to recuperate after Joffrey’s death. She feels like she’s failed. And that’s where Olenna is very important again at sort of galvanizing her. That’s why I like Margaery because she’s human. You see that she’s been traumatized by watching Joffrey die. ”

“Our alliance with the Lannisters remains every bit as necessary for them as it remains unpleasant for us. You did wonderful work on Joffrey,” Olenna tells Margaery Tyrell in Breaker of Chains “The next one should be easier.” It looks like Margaery will still need to recover in time for her next wedding.

One last note on the change in Gilly’s situation. Sam has now dropped her off to work in a brothel, to cook, clean, and look after the other girls’ babies. I’m not sure about the wisdom in a brothel being safer than the wall. But it seems that the story arc over at the Wall is going to be subject to some vast edits. At this point I am suspecting the Oldtown storyline is going to be dropped.

We haven’t forgotten the rape scene. You can read an in-depth look at the scene and Jaime Lannister’s character here, and George R.R. Martin’s response to the rape scene here.

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