Get your marmalade sandwiches ready. Studio Canal has announced that they have purchased Paddington and Company Ltd, giving them ownership of Paddington Bear movie and merchandise, and have already promised a third film. The second film is currently in production. Michael Bond has retained the publishing rights and will continue to work closely with the studio.

“If you want to be a big European player, you need a 360-degree vision for the properties you own,” StudioCanal chairman-CEO Didier Lupfer told Variety. “There is a huge growth potential for us. If you’re producing Paddington 2, you have the potential to create TV series, live entertainment, theme parks, merchandising and licensing, video games.”

The first Paddington film was the independent studio’s biggest success, earning $259m worldwide and critical acclaim. David Heyman and writer and director Paul King return for the second film, which will be released in 2017. Heyman is working with Studio Canal on a new adaptation of The Secret Garden. You can keep up with Paddington news on the delightful Paddington Facebook Page.



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