The first official image of Harry Potter star Rupert Grint and Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon in the upcoming television movie Adolf the Artist has been revealed. Iwan will play a young Adolf Hitler and Rupert will play Hitler’s close friend August (Gustl) Kubizek. Directed by Lost in Austen‘s Dan Zeff, the film is a satirical look at Hitler’s attempts pursue a career as an artist. Kubizek would be accepted to the Vienna Conservatory, but Hitler failed to get into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Despite this Hitler would later call the years he and Kubizek spent together the best of his life. The Rupert Grint fansite Ice Cream Man has a synopsis:

Adolf Hitler has been portrayed on screen many times – but never like this! Adolf the Artist is a satirical drama starring Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) and Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), telling the little-known tale of a young Adolf, before politics and before war, when all he could dream about was becoming a famous painter. Historically accurate, this imagining of the young pre-tyrant is comedic in its approach and sees him at a crossroads in his life, when “his struggle” was purely about not being a good enough artist. In 1907, an 18-year-old Hitler applied to the prestigious Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, certain that his genius would be recognized. It wasn’t. He resolved to re-apply the following year and moved to Vienna, hopeful that living amongst artists would rub off on him. Not one to let himself go, Hitler found the opium-taking, schnapps-swilling, sexual experimentation of his fellow artists somewhat irritating and as he’d not yet developed into a demagogic ranter, no-one listened. They didn’t have to. Yet. This story follows Adolf in the run-up to retaking the entrance exam, burdened by temper tantrums and an oddball dress sense, and desperately trying to improve as an artist and gain recognition.

Despite various on-set images emerging last year there is still an air of mystery around the project. No release date is in sight yet but it will screen on Sky Arts in the UK.

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