There’s a little over a week to go before the UK release of Paddington, and they’ve been getting busy over on the Paddington Facebook page and website. There’s a whole slew of film stills and Paddington’s Adventure Diary to browse.

Paddington creator Michael Bond with David Heyman, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville and Paul King.

Paddington creator Michael Bond with producer David Heyman, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville and director Paul King.

Meanwhile poor Michael Bond, Paddington’s creator, said he was “totally amazed” at the BBFC rating containing ‘mild sex references’ and ‘mild bad language’. “I’d be very upset,” he told the Mail. “I might not sleep well tonight. I can’t imagine what the sex references are. It doesn’t enter into it with the books, certainly.”

Hugh Bonneville thought it hilarious that the BBFC had mentioned “mild sex references” in relation to a scene in which he disguises himself as a cleaning woman and is flirted with by a security guard.

“I was scratching my head thinking ‘what are the censors talking about?” Hugh Bonneville told the BBC. “There were four and five year olds watching it the other day laughing uproariously, so I don’t think it’s going to damage any young children – or indeed any 75 year olds.”

After being approached by the film’s distributor the rating has been altered to “dangerous behaviour, mild threat, innuendo, infrequent mild bad language.” Magical bears do often exhibit dangerous behaviour of course.

Studio Canal has released a clip from the movie showing Paddington meeting the Brown family. New film stills featuring Paddington, Hugh Boneville, Sally Hawkins, Nicole Kidman, Julie Walters, Peter Capaldi and Jim Broadbent below the clip.

Paddington Meets The Brown Family


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