Matt Smith is having a busy year. Shooting Series 7 Part Two and the 50th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who, with the Christmas Special still to come, he’s also shot Ryan Gosling’s How to Catch a Monster,  and made his own directorial debut.

Cargese is a collaboration with punk playwright Simon Stephens, the story of a teenager whose mother is dying of cancer, his father absent, who responds to the imminence of his best friend leaving for college by drawing him into an appalling crime.

Chris Harvey of the Telegraph wonders why actors explore such bleak emotional territory when given the chance to direct. (I sure remember Nil by Mouth).

“Well, they’re probably projects that we’d all like to act in,” Smith replied.

“I think I’ll direct a lot of things in that vein,” he adds. “I’d like to direct a science-fiction film, too. Kubrick’s the man to follow: a film in every genre.”

Smith discusses shooting Cargese, working as a director and playing a “bad guy” in this lengthy interview. Read the full interview at The Telegraph.

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  1. C S Hughes
    C S Hughes

    He will have to stand still to direct. I’m not sure if it is possible.