President of HBO Programming, Michael Lombardo, has announced that Game of Thrones may run for eight seasons rather than seven, indicating that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have finally buckled under the combined pressure of HBO and the public’s demand they retract their ill-conceived decision to try and cut the series short at seven seasons.

“Seven seasons and out was never the case,” said Lombardo, studiously avoiding the fact that Dan and Dave have spent the last year insisting that seven seasons would be it.“The question is how much beyond (seven seasons) it will go.”

“David and Dan are feeling there are two more years after Season 6, that’s what we’re looking at right now. We hope that they would change their mind, but for that’s how they are feeling now.”

Lombardo also indicated HBO would be interested in a prequel series. “We would be open to anything (Benioff and Weiss) want to do, there is enormous amount of storytelling in that world,” Lombardo said. But at that point, “the focus is on figuring out the next season.”

I doubt Dan and Dave would want to work on a prequel series considering they will be in a hurry to get on with their movie adaptation of Stephen Hunter’s Dirty White Boys, which is probably the reason they were planning on cutting it short in the first place. An extra season should give George some time to catch up with the books, as he has indicated Winds of Winter will be finished before Season Six airs. One would have to wonder if Dan and Dave were writing with only two more seasons in mind, considering they continue to kill off characters indiscriminately in their race to the finish.


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