Downton Abbey will return for its fifth series on Sunday 21st September. The upcoming series will follow the Crawleys and the Downton Abbey staff adapting to life in the 1920’s.

Several new guest stars have been announced for this season. Richard E. Grant will play art historian Simon Bricker. Anna Chancellor – who recently guest-starred on Penny Dreadful, will play The Dowager Lady Anstruther, Jimmy’s former employer. Rade Sherbedgia will play the role of Kuragin, Russian refugee who has fled to England. Former Coronation Street star Sue Johnston will be playing Denker, lady’s maid to Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess Grantham. Reprising their roles this season will be Dame Harriet Walter as Lady Shackleton and Peter Egan as Lord Flintshire. The cutest new additions to the cast are 4-year-old Fifi Hart as Sybbie, and twins Oliver and Zac Barker as George Crawley.

“The ‘20s is a very interesting period to me,” Downton creator Julian Fellowes commented back in May. “The ‘30s have been done and done and done. The ‘20s people don’t look at nearly as much, and yet it was this strange era of transition. At the beginning of the ‘20s, people weren’t really sure that much had changed. By the end, the Wall Street crash would change the West forever. And in those few years in between, there was this dawning realization that the world had become a different place, and that seems to me a very rewarding setting for a drama, as they all have to come to terms with the new world.”

Watch the brand new trailer below.

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