More good news for Bernard Cornwell fans, Sticks and Stones Productions is developing Bernard’s American Civil War epic, The Nathaniel Starbuck Chronicles, starting with Rebel.

When Richmond landowner Washington Faulconer snatches young Nate Starbuck from the grip of a Yankee-hating mob, Nate is both grateful and awed by his idealistic rescuer. To repay his generosity, he enlists in the Faulconer legion to fight against his home, the North, and against his abolitionist father. When the regiment joins up, ready to march into the ferocious battle at Bull Run, the men are prepared to start a war . . . but they aren’t ready for how they—and the nation—will be forever changed by the oaths they have sworn for their beloved South.

“After years of reading and admiring Bernard’s work I’m proud to be bringing Rebel to the Silver Screen. I first met Bernard doing summer stock theatre on Cape Cod and have been a fan ever since. I am honoured to be able to help bring these classic American tales to life.” said Executive Producer Kurt Mason Peterson. Rebel “creates truly worthy heroes – smart enough to be interesting, yet callow enough to be real”.

The Rebel teaser trailer premiered at The Beverly Hill Playhouse’s Annual Film Festival in November. Watch below.


Executive Producer Kurt Mason Peterson, Aussie Director Luke Cook and actor Miles Cooper at the  premiere.

Bernard Cornwell has only written four novels in the Starbuck Chronicles series, Rebel, Copperhead, Battle Flag and The Bloody Ground, released between 1993 and 1996. After the huge success of the Sharpe television series, which originally ran from 1993 to 1997, Bernard returned to writing more Sharpe novels. As the Sharpe and Starbuck novels were very similar, he decided to send ‘Nathaniel Starbuck on an extended vacation’. Bernard has indicated he would like to write more Starbuck novels, so maybe another successful television series would rekindle the series. The Saxon Stories adaptation The Last Kingdom was a huge hit this year.

You can read an extract of the Rebel pilot script here. If you’d like to see more of Rebel visit the website at and spread the word. We’d love to see it on screen.


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