007 Star George Lazenby to Star in Aussie Film Justice in a Smoking Gun

Bond-George-Lazenby73 year old George Lazenby has agreed to shoot his first film in Australia since 1977. Justice in a Smoking Gun is a gold-rush era western aiming to shoot in regional Victoria early next year, if the film can secure financing. Lazenby is, of course, best known as the only Australian actor to portray James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

25 year old writer-director David Ludlow said, “He’s going to play the baddie in the film. I’d written this Jack Palance/Kirk Douglas-y older character who’s a pretty nasty piece of work. George popped into my head and I knew it had to be George Lazenby to play the role. I spent much of last year trying to get anyone I could to read (the script). Being a massive James Bond fan, on a whim I sent it to George and within a week or two of getting it, he was on board.”


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