In another reason why Zoo’s Victoria is awesome, the “Zoopermarket” has been launched at Melbourne Zoo, where consumers will be able to check out the ingredients in some items commonly found in supermarkets. Palm oil is found in about 40% of the products on supermarket shelves yet Australian labeling laws allow palm oil to be labelled as “vegetable oil”.

Scanning selected Zoopermarket items will reveal whether the manufacturer is using palm oil, and if so whether it is being produced sustainably.

Haven’t heard of the campaign? Orang-utans are facing extinction due to the unsustainable production of palm oil.  Don’t Palm Us Off advocates for a future where palm oil is clearly labelled and where any palm oil imported into Australia is RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO). CSPO is produced in a way that aims to protect the last remaining habitat for wildlife and preserve livelihoods.


Scanning for Dirty Rotten Liars

So far the Don’t Palm us Off campaign has collected more than 163,000 petition signatures demanding mandatory palm oil labeling, have moved Unilever and Woolworths to commit to CSPO by 2015 and inspired Senator Nick Xenophon to introduce the Truth in Labelling (PalmOil) Bill.

Find out more about the Don’t Palm us Off campaign.

Check out my favourite community service page PALM OIL – Products on Australian shelves that contain Palm Oil on Facebook.


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