Today is an important day in Middle Earth. It marks the anniversaries of the Battle of Morannon, the death of Gollum and the destruction of the One Ring, the Fall of Barad-dûr and the destruction of Sauron. The Fourth Age of the Sun begins according to the reckoning of Gondor, and from this day on March 25th is New Year’s Day in Middle Earth.

The Tolkien Society felt March 25th was a date of renewal, and chose it for Tolkien Reading Day.

To celebrate my Tolkien today I’ll be reading Farmer Giles of Ham, a little paperback copy illustrated by Pauline Baynes. This is a favourite of mine, not only for the cunning yet craven dragon Chrysophylax Dives, but for the lowly Farmer Giles and his dog Garm, and how these three cowards manage to change their fortunes.


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Olga Hughes is currently pre-occupied with fairy tales, fantasy, misanthropy, medieval history and the long eighteenth century. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Victorian College of the Arts and is currently majoring in Literature and History at Deakin. She has contributed to websites such as History behind Game of Thrones, The Anne Boleyn Files and The Tudor Society.

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