Sci-Fi Icon Jack Vance Passes Away and George R.R Martin Shares His Thoughts

vance_cat_and_dogLegendary science-fiction author Jack Vance passed away on the evening of Sunday May 26, 2013, aged 96.

The creator of The Dying Earth published more than sixty books in his lifetime, including eleven mystery novels as John Holbrook Vance and three as Ellery Queen. Throughout his career he won Hugo, Nebula, Jupiter and World Fantasy awards, including the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement.

George R.R Martin, who had a hand in creating the tribute anthology Songs of the Dying Earth, has posted his thoughts on Jack Vance over at his Not a Blog. He discusses Jack’s influence on his own work and calls Dying Earth one of the all-time great fantasy settings.

You can leave a tribute to Jack on Foreverness

At the last moments of the universe, with eternal darkness converging from all sides, surely someone will arise and cry out: ‘Hold back the end for a final moment, while I pay tribute to the gallant brewmasters who have provided us a pathway of golden glory down the fading corridors of time!’ And then, is it not possible that a bright gap will appear in the dark, through which the brewmasters are allowed to proceed, to build a finer universe?


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