The Fool's Assassin

The Fool’s Assassin

Robin Hobb has announced a new trilogy in the Realms of the Elderlings series featuring the beloved characters who started it all, Fitz and the Fool. Her assistant Kat Ogden posted a picture of the manuscript for  the first book in the trilogy, The Fool’s Assassin, on Robin’s official Facebook page. Robin asked OfficeKat, as fans fondly know her,  to break the news for her and take care of the social media and publicity so she could keep writing the next book.

The news certainly had me running around my study in manic nerdish glee. I’m sure I can hear the collective echoes of “I knew it” from fans around the world. OfficeKat added “And all this time I honestly thought she was down at the little farm just planting vegetables. Never believe a professional liar.” Robin is hoping for a 2014 publication. Hopefully her next Australian appearance will be close to publication date. Robin has confirmed she will be at next year’s Supanova in Sydney and Perth.

Meanwhile watch OfficeKat’s reaction to Robin sending her the news about the new series.

Update: Publication has just been announced for August 2014.

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  1. Shaun Pett

    I’ve just heard about the new trilogy, I’m currently re-reading all the Fitz/Fool books and am on Fool’s Fate where Burich is about to die. First time I read this part I cried as Burrich is one of me fav characters from the book reminds me of my Dad, can’t wait to read these next stories I’m a big fan. Keep writing Robin/Megan.