Ida Pollock reads to daughter Rosemary in 1967

Ida Pollock reads to daughter Rosemary in 1967

Prolific romance author Ida Pollock has died aged 105. Pollock’s writing career stretched over more than 90 years and included more than 120 romance novels, most of which were written under pseudonyms, including Joan Allen, Susan Barrie, Pamela Kent, Jane Beaufort,Anita Charles, Averil Ives and Marguerite Bell.

Ida and her daughter Rosemary had been living in Lanreath near Looe, Cornwall, since 1986. In her final years Ida no longer sat at the typewriter but dictated to her daughter Rosemary. Many of her male leads were said to be based on her husband, Hugh Pollock. Hugh’s first marriage was to another prolific writer, the beloved children’s author Enid Blyton. Enid and Hugh separated around the time he met Ida and Enid met her future husband Kenneth.

Ida gave an interview earlier this year to announce the publication of her 124th book, The Runaway.

Ida said: “I think I was born to write. My mother would put a typewriter on the dining room table and say “there you go”. My first story was published in the Christian Herald and they would pay me five guineas. I wrote my first novel when I was just 14. I was into mysteries and thrillers at the time but I eventually I drifted into romance because my mother would always ask me to write ‘something pretty’.

I’ve never got bored of it because its something I absolutely love. My books are full of hope and romance rather than sex. They are a form of escapism – you can escape the parts of the world that you don’t like.”

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