$T2eC16JHJGEFFmuJs6oLBR4t0nIQdg~~60_12Following Monday’s leak that new crime writer Robert Galbraith was actually the pen name of bestselling author JK Rowling, The Cuckoo’s Calling hit number on on the Amazon Bestseller list and publisher Little Brown has commissioned a second printing of 300,000 copies.

With the first printing already having entered scarce territory, a few lucky readers managed to obtain signed copies.

This signed hardback first printing was listed on eBay on Monday the 15th of July, and has already fetched 73 bids, currently standing at £2100, or $3486.80 AUD.

Booksellers and the media are speculating whether it will be worth as much as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone first edition. Yet with reportedly 1500 copies sold before the author’s identity was revealed, the first print run is five times that of the first Harry Potter book, based on those sales figures alone.

It seems Little Brown had more faith in Robert Galbraith than Bloomsbury initially had in JK Rowling, only 300 copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone were commissioned for the first hardback print run, and allegedly 250 copies were sent to libraries. With the possibility of only 50 copies that reached bookstores,  the book was fetching up to $50,000 when the Harry Potter frenzy was it it’s peak. These days it hovers around $10-15,000.

As for The Cuckoo’s Calling, there is a few days to wait before we see it’s current worth. Besides the signed copy, there are four other unsigned first editions with current bids ranging between $200-828.00 AUD.

Click here to see the current copies on eBay. Abebooks has two copies up for sale, at $1,555.02 and $6,142.34 USD.


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