War changes everyone, even the Doctor

War changes everyone, even the Doctor

“A new companion! Calculating Time Lords! New Dalek paradigms! It’s a war story, at its heart, set against the backdrop of great turmoil and chaos,” said George Mann, author of the brand new story featuring John Hurt’s War Doctor, Engines of War.

“But it’s also about the Doctor’s personal journey, how he ends up where he is at the beginning of The Day of the Doctor. He’s been through the wringer; and in Engines of War, he’s not given any reprieve.”

John Hurt’s War Doctor is finally getting a story all his own, in the brand new official BBC novel. Let’s hope this is the first instalment in a new series and we’ll learn some more secrets from the great tome Clara discovered inside the TARDIS library. Read the synopsis below.

“The death of billions is as nothing to us Doctor, if it helps defeat the Daleks.”

The Great Time War has raged for centuries, ravaging the universe. Scores of human colony planets are now overrun by Dalek occupation forces. A weary, angry Doctor leads a flotilla of Battle TARDISes against the Dalek stronghold but in the midst of the carnage, the Doctor’s TARDIS crashes to a planet below: Moldox.

As the Doctor is trapped in an apocalyptic landscape, Dalek patrols roam amongst the wreckage, rounding up the remaining civilians. But why haven’t the Daleks simply killed the humans?

Searching for answers the Doctor meets ‘Cinder’, a young Dalek hunter. Their struggles to discover the Dalek plan take them from the ruins of Moldox to the halls of Gallifrey, and set in motion a chain of events that will change everything. And everyone.

An epic novel of the Great Time War featuring the War Doctor as played by John Hurt.

Engines of War by Paul Mann

Engines of War by Paul Mann

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2 Responses

  1. Jasmine

    I watched the TV programme with John Hurt playing a Doctor and a very interesting episode it was. I am pleased to see a novel based on these characters. Star Trek has had a number of novels published over the years which has the effect of bringing more fans to the programme. It is good to see Dr Who following the same path.

    • Olga Hughes

      There’s quite a large gap to fill in so I hope we’ll get a few novels out of it. He was a brilliant Doctor, and it’s a bit of a consolation because we won’t see him on-screen again.