The Arena, by Sylvester Stallone | Reuters: Alexander Demianchuk

The Arena, by Sylvester Stallone | Reuters: Alexander Demianchuk

A collection of abstract paintings by Sylvester Stallone has gone on display in the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg. The retrospective features 36 paintings created over 40 years by the 67 year-old actor.

Stallone said he loves art more than anything on the world “I think I’m a much better painter than an actor,” he said. “It’s much more personal and I’m allowed to just do what I want to do. Quite often in acting you have to play a certain part, you cannot speak as much as you want to speak. I suppose the heroes don’t talk much, you have to be very stoic.”‘

Although naturally many are keen to mock his work, the museum director Vladimir Gusev said Stallone’s paintings “show the character of a passionate man” and were not simply “the work of an amateur”.

“This is a real artist,” he told journalists. “The Russian museum does not show weak artists.”

Sylvester Stallone. Painting. From 1975 Until Today will run until January 2014.

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